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Christmas Pine Tree


Dear Members,


It has been a tradition at Alaqua Country Club for its members to contribute to the Employee Holiday Fund as a way to express their appreciation to the Club’s employees, including many of whom they seldom, if ever meet, but whose services are a vital part of the seamless functioning of the Club.  The excellence of the staff is what makes the Club a truly outstanding environment.


The Employee Holiday Fund bolsters employee morale and is distributed impartially to the employees based on a formula of tenure and hours worked at the Club during the year. With the rising cost of living and our staff’s dedication after two hurricanes this season, we are recommending a base contribution of $250. The Holiday fund election form is below. If you prefer to contribute $250 you do not need to return this form. If you choose a different contribution amount, please print and complete the form below and return to or with your December payment. The 2022 Employee Holiday Fund will be appear on your December statement. 


Our employees have always been so thankful for the generosity the members have shown in the past and will be grateful for any amount received this year!  Please select your contribution amount below and submit to the Club no later than November 30th so we can include the bonus in the employee’s last paycheck before Christmas.


Thank you and have a healthy and happy holiday season!  Best regards, and enjoy the club!



John Ritenour                

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